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What to Wear


Our 'Feis dresses' are available to order from Belfast. We have a couple for sale that have been worn twice/three times or not at all as they were too small/big. Please speak to Donnamarie if you don't have a dress yet. 


Girls must wear their hairs in a bun. They can have a bow/flower to one side of their bow in either Pink or Light Blue. 


Please have dancing shoes polished. We like the girls to have white laces in their pomps and sparkling white poodle socks (please keep a pair for 'Feis' only to keep them clean and white!)

First Feis Tips & Guides



A first feis can be a daunting experience for both parent and child. Here are some great tips to help you out …  


1. Speak to us first

Before you go to your first feis your teacher should be able to give you all information about times, venue, costumes etc. The people that run the entry systems like Entry Table would not have this information.


2. Bring cash for admission at the door 💶

There is a fee for admission for adults at feiseanna. Usually €5, that you will usually need to pay in cash.

Sometimes this may be payable in advance when you pre enter.


3. Don’t forget to bring:

  • Dancing Shoes

  • Poodle Socks for girls/black socks for boys

  • Dancing Dress/Shirt & Trousers for Boys

  • Dancer number

  • Hair Bow (Hair should be in a bun)

  • Your smile 😀


4. Wear your Teamwear

If you have school Teamwear you should wear this before/after your dances to support others from your school that are there.


5. Arrive 30 mins before your scheduled time

You should arrive 30 mins before the time you are due to dance. Children need to be ready in their shoes and costumes 15 mins before their first competition starts. It’s always good to have a practice too!


6. Remind children:

  • They will be dancing with other children from different schools who will be doing different dances. Don’t look at other children when you are dancing, keep concentrating on your own dance

  • Keep listening to the music

  • Have fun & Smile!

7. All times are approximate

While every effort is made by the organisers to keep things moving, often things run behind. The first competition in the morning will be on time and as the day goes on it can run later than the time stated on the timetable. However having said that you still need to arrive 30 mins before your allocated time, but just be prepared you may be waiting a little longer some days!


8. Bring Snacks

Even if a feis is running on time there can be some waiting around time between dances and waiting for results. It is a good idea to bring snacks and lots of water. Usually there will be tea/coffee on site too.


9. Don’t expect trophies your first time

All the children will get a medal so nobody will go home empty handed 🏅

However, children always want to win the much coveted trophies. For most children it is unlikely they will win a trophy at their first feis. A lot of practice and experience is needed for top prizes. Children should just try to enjoy their first feis.


10. No Recording 📹

Remember that for child safety reasons there can be no video recording or pictures taken while a child is dancing on stage. You can take pictures of the prize giving.

How to enter Online


Please make sure you speak to us first, about what feis you need to enter and what dances your Child should be doing. Most Feiseanna are now pre entry, some may take entries on the day, sometimes at an extra fee.

Step By Step Instructions to enter your child in a Feis

  1. Go to

  2. Scroll down to Upcoming Events and select the feis you want to enter

  3. Put in child’s full name, year of birth and gender

  4. Type in dance school – (For our school it’s Scoil Rince Nic Conuladh 😉)

  5. Click Continue

  6. You want to find and click enter this competition for the competitions we have told you to enter

  7. Go to basket

  8. For some feiseanna you can pay your adult admission online with Entry Table. If that option is not available this means you will need to pay admission on the day in cash (Children do not need to pay admission, just accompanying adults)

  9. Enter your contact details

  10. Read and agree privacy policy, read notes

  11. Continue to payment

You should receive a confirmation email straight away. A few days before the feis you will receive a competitor number by email that you print and bring to the feis for your child to wear.

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